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If it means anything to anyone, I may be switching accounts to a brand new tumblr. Id like to start posting stuff that is more personal and reblog posts that I feel are ok to post. I have too many followers that may feel uncomfortable with what I want to reblog so id rather start fresh and just start one off the way I want to. I started CollectingWhims with the cutesy, and innocent reblogs but as I grow older im not so cutesy and innocent. Its time for a change and so do adult decisions on what I want to represent my blog. 

My new blog will be more rated R, possibly X, so if youre not interested in seeing stuff like that, then im sorry. I tag all my nsfw, so if you get a tumblr Savior then good news! Im not going to stop myself anymore with the new blog. 

Collecting whims will get deleted, and I will post what my new blogs name will be once I figure out the name and set it up. 

I love you all, and hope that those who like an open minded blog will follow me back. Sometimes you all can be the best, when im reminded that there are many dirty minds out there like mine. I just dont feel that the innocent people who follow me should have to see the nsfw tags I WANT to reblog or even talk about.

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